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The Laverdamania library is not another website on Laverda : no history, no technique, no presentation about various models. It is simply a data base, an access to documents about the marque which should bring an invaluable help to Laverdisti.

You can already consult the documents available and soon some which are currently in progress of scanning. Reaching this data base is very easy : first, register, so you can get a username and password. Go to the page "Contact" in the menu, click on "Inscription", and fill the form "Form of inscription". Only the fields marked "*" are obligatory.

Since you got your username and password by email, you can reach the document data base via the menu. Downloading is then possible by cliking on the thumbs : a window appears requiring the username and password. Then the the downloading can be done. A PDF software like Acrobat Reader and a ZIP one are needed to open the files.

For obvious reasons of copyright, some documents, like books, are not downloadable. I'm still looking for the documents  marked "NONAVAILABLE"   which are still missing in the data base. All documents are not yet on line (still many scan to do !), but with regular updates, the site will evolve progressively and all the functionalities will be soon active. 

One of main purposes of the site will be the principle of document exchanges. Currently you can only download the documents you need. Soon, you will be able to deposit documents which are not yet in the list of the files available. Then, a special page is under construction for advertisements, researches and exchanges of magazines, reviews, adverts, or other papers, exclusively devoted to our favorite marque.

So, you can contribute to make this data base even bigger ...

To be continued ...